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What will you find in our Entrepreneurship and Sales portfolio?

- Personal self examination which will incite participants to change, strong tried and tested concepts, immediate applicability in the professional environment.
- Refreshing and beneficial exchanges between participants from different domains.
- A consultant instructor who rigorously assures the final impact of the training programme.

Sales Management 5 days over 4 months  
 sales training  Sales & account management  5 days over 4 months  
Winning strategies for key accounts 4 days over 3 months  
Negotiation 3 days over 3 months  


In figures: 

business sector of Krauthammer clients

 1How is this score calculated?
Participants assess 4 criteria (each out of a maximum score of 5) at the end of each day’s training:

  • Does this programme match my objectives?
  • Do I want to implement it?
  • Are the ideas practical and applicable?
  • Has this day encouraged me to look at myself?

The total points awarded provide a score out of 20, which is closely monitored by the consultant instructors and the Quality Control department from the point of view of continuous improvement.


Who are we? Are we the same people we were yesterday? How different are we from others? Questions surrounding an organisation’s identity become very relevant in turbulent times.


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