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Sales and Training Consultant (Germany, Netherlands,France)
Sales and Training Consultant

Overview and Purpose

Your purpose as Sales and Training Consultant is to bring out the best in your clients and participants. You engage prospects and clients to help them with their business challenges by designing, selling, and delivering Krauthammer programs. You are personally committed to improving the performance of organizations and teams, and to helping the personal development of your participants.


Development as Sales and Training Consultant is both professional and personal. As a professional, your development is measured by seniority. And it is visible in your personal specialization, working strength based on Sales or Delivery. Your professional and personal skills, responsibilities, and targets increase with each level and are set with your Commercial Director.


As Sales and Training Consultant you perform in three result areas: Sales, Delivery, and Contribution. The goals in these areas are defined with you in your team and under the leadership of the Commercial Director. We work strongly based on Sales in compliance with Krauthammer’s Consultancy Based Sales (CBS) approach. As part of your Performance Management, primary and secondary result areas are defined.


In discussion with your Commercial Director, you plan and execute your work to reach the targets you committed to. As example, working strength based on Sales, results in time investment of 70% Sales, 20% Delivery, and 10% Contribution. Working strength based on Delivery, results in time investment of 20% Sales, 70% Delivery, and 10% Contribution. According to the time invested, the primary and secondary result areas are defined. When starting with Krauthammer you will have a strong focus on professional development. And the more experience you gather the higher the expectations towards your sales performance will be.

Education, Experience, and Values

  • Minimum Bachelor's degree level (Level 6 EQF), higher-level preferred.
  • 4+ years of solid experience in commercial roles, such as B2B service sales, ideally in the training or consulting industry.
  • High interest and ideally expertise in the topics of personal development, learning, and behavior change. Ideally 3+ years of experience as trainer/coach.
  • High interest and ideally experience in sales, account management, and project management.
  • Stress resistant, ability to manage sales, accounts, and projects simultaneously.
  • Strong business acumen and a combination of analytical skills, quickness in understanding, challenging a business situation towards a favorable outcome.
  • International experience and openness.
  • Active and well-maintained professional network.
  • Elevated ability in Microsoft 365 tools (e.g. Office, Teams, etc.).
  • Native language skills in the country’s native language(s) (C2+), and professional communication and interpersonal skills in English (B2).
  • Embrace and live Krauthammer Values and Principles.

Core activities

Sales (Krauthammer’s 6 step CBS approach)

1. Selecting

  • Prepare a deliberate sales plan compliant with your Team’s Business Case and Krauthammer’s strategy.
  • Use and nurture a multi-channel business network.

2. Prospecting

  • Participate in prospect and client meetings.
  • Act as proactive and disciplined account manager and contribute to account management.
  • Actively build a trusting relationship with prospects and clients.

3. Framing

  • Participate in competency-based project teams.
  • Understand the business of the clients.
  • Understand the client situation and the expressed challenges autonomously or with the help of more experienced colleagues, depending on the complexity of the projects.
  • Define expected goals and objectives (“Pain & Gain”).

4. Proposing

  • Co-write proposals & set business solutions answering client’s strategic or operational imperatives/issues.
  • Able to incorporate proven Krauthammer solutions into proposals.

5. Closing

  • Negotiate price and margin in compliance with pricing policies and processes.
  • Discuss terms and conditions.
  • Coordinate date proposals.
  • Transform clients’ commitment into signed contracts.
  • Use complimentary skills of the
  • Team whenever needed.

6. Accompanying

  • Assure the right people are involved at the right time in the process (per client, project, practice, step, capabilities).
  • Project management of standard client engagements.
  • Co-manage more complex projects with more experienced colleagues.
  • Manage client and stakeholder relations.



  • Gather data, do interviews, and draw conclusions from research and analysis.
  • Act on an operational level.
  • Design programs by assembling core modules (Sales + Management).
  • Contribute to design solutions based on basket modules together with senior colleagues.


  • Prepare for delivery by getting to know participants and their learning-objectives.
  • (Co-)delivery of training, coaching, workshops, meetings with clients, colleagues and other partners.
  • Able to adapt role-plays to real-plays.
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