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As the health industry was going through many changes over the years, Gesundheitszentrum Fricktal (GZF) experienced certain challenges on both management and leadership levels. Some of the medical staff, especially doctors with high specialised backgrounds, began having dual positions. Apart from being a doctor, they suddenly found themselves in manager’s shoes leading teams within the organisation. Since this was a completely new, challenging environment with different responsibilities for them, GZF decided to equip their doctors with basic managerial skills and tools, so to prepare them for their new and additional roles.


GZF decided to trust Krauthammer in building and delivering the training programme because Krauthammer showed them a professional approach that was open and flexible to the specific needs of GZF. At the same time, the crucial factor that influenced the decision was the Krauthammer consultant’s solid knowledge, experience, and unique ability to make a very strong impact. This was an important factor because the highly skilled healthcare experts’ environment is very specific and it’s a challenge to live up to their expectations, which are founded on their very detailed, demanding and critical approach. The GZF Management Training Programme was designed by Krauthammer based on a joint human capital development workshop, where specific values of the institution were created. The purpose of the programme is to shape particular skills and competencies that are crucial in managerial positions, such as feedback culture, developing and motivating others, effective project management etc. Since 2008, all healthcare positions that require leadership skills attend a GZF Management Training Programme as an obligatory step to becoming a management professional.


"So far, over 100 participants have already been trained by Krauthammer and the programme is still running on a yearly basis with a great success. The impact can be measured by the participants’ feedback, which is very positive. The trainer is able to transfer important and sometimes difficult content in a very powerful way, by using KISS (keep it short and simple) and having very high-quality materials to support it, such as memo cards or action sheets and concrete commitment from participants to practice and improve. After 8 years of cooperating, there are visible changes in the quality of management in GZF. The employees are now well-skilled and more leadership oriented in their new roles.

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