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In 2007, the sales force of Roche Pharma (Switzerland) Ltd was rated by its clients as one of the best sales forces in the Swiss pharma industry. In orderto carry this success story into the future, Roche was eager to take its next step forward. Summing the situation up, Thomas von Arx, National SalesManager Oncology, says: “Roche needed to stay ‘best in class’, also in the future.” In response, various standard sales training sessions were provided,though with modest results due to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Based on this experience, Roche decided to develop a new modular training conceptwith one-day training sessions, dealing with specific topics and challenging situations during sales calls.


"In close collaboration with Krauthammer, Roche co-designed, developed and implemented a coherent training cycle. The Krauthammer consultants’openness and ability to do things differently were key factors for success.1. The ‘Roche way of customer engagement’The ‘Roche way of customer engagement’ is a framework definingobservable criteria for sales behaviour (how employees should behavetowards clients during a sales call).As a result, all training programmes are now based on this framework.Thomas von Arx comments: “The framework consistently and continuouslyleverages the personal development of our customer-facing functions. Thisis what makes it so powerful and effective!”2. Gap analysis and training sessionsThe training sessions designed involved relevant interaction phases withclients. To ensure that each session matched employees’ individual skill levels, employee behaviours were assessed against 1 the ‘Roche way ofcustomer engagement’ framework. As the sales representatives’ competencies increased over time, the coaching sessions with their respective line managers became even moreimportant. “The line manager’s buy-in and behaviour is a crucial success factor”, says Thomas von Arx. To fulfil this requirement, further programmes such as, for example, ‘Train the Coach’ have been implemented. Expansion of the programmeDifferent departments recognized the benefits of the programme and encouraged the development of the ‘Effect Compact Training Programme’ for medical and marketing functions. Over the years, the content of thetraining programmes evolved to include real business situations (crucial moments/moments of truth during meetings/calls)."


"Over a period of several years, almost 200 people have taken part in the training sessions. As a result, the customer-facing functions are now ableto conduct high-quality conversations with customers, thanks to the framework and the respective training sessions. According to Thomas von Arx, the key element for success was the linemanagers’ buy-in, along with their commitment and ability to implement the changes."

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