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SBM Offshore traditionally focused on its entrepreneurial culture and its “technology creates value” motto. However in 2010, SBM Offshore wanted to make its leadership culture stronger and started a collaboration with Krauthammer. The challenge was to enable the transformation of the company from a very technology-driven perspective into a more robust leadership value-based culture. The top management supported the cooperation with Krauthammer by recognising the need for a structured leadership and management development, in order to create a critical mass of leaders and managers who would support this new culture, while conducting major change programmes throughout the organisation.


"Krauthammer responded by designing a tailor-made leadership programme (LMD) that was aligned with the company strategy. The target group was 20 SBM leaders coming from various locations. The selection of the participants was based on a talent review process by which key leadership skills were assessed. The 4-month journey consisted of a 361° analysis, a mentoring process and 3 two-day training sessions that were presented using a bi-cultural approach. The first framing of this international cross-border leadership programme was intended to address the top 100 job holders, but it evolved very quickly to 160 senior leaders. An additional 450 managers were enrolled in a similar training process but in this case the participants were in groups of 10. The management programme (MDP) was deployed locally and taught by local Krauthammer consultants. After 4 years of intensive collaboration, SBM Offshore implemented a new worldwide leadership competency model to re-address their talent management and leadership development activities. Krauthammer accompanied the launch of this new HR initiative as a strategic partner and reviewed both programmes (LMD and MDP) in this new light. The new design resulted in a “Leadership in Action” programme, 100% embedded in the new leadership competency model, driven to accompany SBM in the face of a challenging and unstable industry environment"


"The programme was perceived as an important cultural signature event that helped to bond people while the oil & gas industry was facing turbulent times. As a result of the two first programmes (LMD + MDP), more than 3,000 actions were captured and reported. An intermediate analysis was conducted on a sampling of those reports. Here are two highlights: 50% of participants reported saving time, energy and stress 36% of participants reported improved team productivity and motivation"

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