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Anish Menon

Partner Trainer

Anish believes that everyone has naturally occurring patterns of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, which if we are able to synchronize into, can be harnessed for learning and growth. And thus, for him, ‘Self-connection is the start of any learning journey’

  • India
  • English, Hindi
  • Energy, Utilities and Resources; Chemicals and Manufacturing; Services sector; Technology, Media, and Telecommunication


Anish is passionate about activating teams and energizing individuals. Over the last decade, he has facilitated over three hundred high-impact workshops on team building and personal development for small, medium and large organizations, across all levels in various industries.

As an experiential facilitator and a practitioner of nonviolent communication, Anish designs his workshops on the principles of 'Challenge by Choice' and ‘All needs matter’ which makes learning a safe, personal and a communal experience. So his workshops are naturally participatory, running on high energy, imagination and humor which keeps the participants checked in.

Connecting with people and empathy are two of his natural strengths. And he has rich experience of having worked in different functions with various organizations over the last fourteen years. This amplifies his intuitive understanding of processes and people. Which is what makes his workshops relatable and inspiring for participants.

In his free time, he loves to socialize, tour on his motorcycle and experiment with cooking