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Ina Howindt

Trainer Consultant

Working in a very analytical, detail-oriented and also critical way, Ina sees the big picture and the potential for optimization - always keeping the customer's perspective in mind.


Ina brings over ten years of sales experience and department manager practice to her role as a trainer consultant in leadership, management and sales. With her clear structure, empathy and motivational power Ina led more than 15 teams on changing ships to achieve their goals.

With her invaluable international work experience in the tourism industry while living on board ships and working in many countries around the world, she developed an open-minded enthusiastic personality and the ability to adapt well to the needs, behaviors, and habits of different stakeholders.

Ina creates a safe, collaborative and encouraging space with her energetic and calm manner. With challenging questions, she gets to the heart of things and creates aha moments with a high learning effect.