Rene Keller

René Keller

Training Consultant

Country of residence: Switzerland
Languages spoken: English, French, German

About René Keller

René is one of those rare people who combines excellent business acumen with empathy. Whereas friendliness, positive energy and subtle humor are part of his personality, he shaped his business know how as an entrepreneur, as a Krauthammer consultant and rounded it up with an executive MBA.

His business partners appreciate that he has a profound knowledge of various industries, that he is result-oriented and a passionate internationalist. He used these qualities for a lot of highly successful international and multicultural projects, especially in the MedTech and Pharma sector as well as in manufacturing and consulting.

In the training room and in coaching situations, you will experience René’s 20 plus years with Krauthammer. He creates a safe and trustful atmosphere for role plays and real plays while providing easy-to-remember diagrams and tips as well as spot on feedback that helps you to produce better results on the job.

Passionate about the following learning journey elements

Facilitace řešení problémů

Vedení řešitelských sezení a hledání kreativních myšlenek

Exekutivní koučink

Efektivní rozvoj osobního růstu a výkonnosti, osobní rozvoj

Měření zaujetí (angažovanosti)

Měření zaujetí týmu nebo firmy v reálném čase

Assessment centra

Pozorovatelné chování je platformou, která komplexně hodnotí potenciál účastníka během reálných a případových studií

Recent client cases

Implementing the “Roche Way of Customer Engagement”

Roche and Krauthammer co-designed and developed a modular sales training concept based on one-day training sessions. All training programmes are now geared to the “Roche way of customer engagement”, a framework defining observable criteria for sales behaviour. Roche and Krauthammer are continuously enhancing this programme to improve agility and customer focus.

Establishing leadership in a competitive multi-cultural environment

AdNovum, a Swiss software engineering company continued to grow. In addition to the general challenges associated with growth advanced leadership skills for line and project managers were needed. A leadership training with special attention on multicultural communication also addressed topics such as “goal setting” and “employee motivation”.

Included in the learning journey of AdNovum:

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