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From recruitment to a full-service HR provider through new consultative sales behaviours

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Rob Westgeest

Rob Westgeest

Independent trainer

We Sense

Founded in 1968 in Leiden, Luba was one of the first staffing companies in the Netherlands. Today, the company operates through a local network of 50 offices. Traditionally, Luba’s market positioning was recruitment and placement services to small to medium enterprises. As Luba’s management aimed to broaden their offering and become a trusted HR partner for their clients, a change in its current client approach was needed.  

We Bridge

Several workshops were held together with the Luba management team to assess the current situation. It was soon determined that the implementation of a new sales process was required if Luba wanted to change from being a supplier to a partner for its clients. During these workshops, the Krauthammer consultants and the Luba management framed the new sales process, following the principles of consultative-based selling (believing in partnerships and being an advisor for their clients).

We Design

Krauthammer designed a 5-day training for the management team to enable them to manage and coach employees on the new sales process. Programme elements for sales were first contact, value proposition, objections handling and active references. In the part of managing and coaching, topics like setting objectives, feedback, employee motivation and delegation were covered. 

We Facili'train

In addition to the management team, consultants and branch managers also followed a 4-day sales programme focused on active references.

In total, 30 employees were trained.

After the training, boot camps were organised in order to keep up with the learnings and experiences that were made. The topic of each session is defined by the group, composed of branch managers and consultants. The Krauthammer consultant acts here like a facilitator.

You Drive

The programme led to an observable improvement in the quality of client conversations. The sales process is used on daily basis, and like a compass to make adjustments if results don’t appear. Furthermore, due to the better collaboration between consultants and brand managers, Luba has been able to capitalize on cross-selling opportunities.

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