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Juan Campoo

Partner Trainer

Juan is a seasoned expert on personal mastery and leadership, who can wake up the leader that lies dormant within every person, making everyone active co-creators of cultures people love to be part of.

  • Niederlande
  • Portugiesisch, Spanisch, Englisch, Niederländisch
  • Energie, Versorgungsunternehmen und Ressourcen; Dienstleistungssektor; Technologie, Medien und Telekommunikation


After 12+ years of experience in sales and marketing in South America and Europe, in investment banking, mining & industry, and customer experience outsourcing, he knows the intensity, focus, and commitment it takes to transform leaders, increase engagement, accelerate team and individual performance, and to empower the sustainable growth of an organisation.

Juan is multilingual and feels at home working in multicultural environments with people at all levels. He also has a thorough understanding of the dynamics at play when people from different countries work together in global organisations.

A creative and passionate individual with a win-win mentality, Juan has a talent for helping others assess and master their own untapped resources.

He is an enabler of change who offers outstanding transformations to individuals and teams, and is committed to awakening people to their own ability to be a leader, regardless of their position or age, making everyone a co-creator of a thriving culture.