Top Management

One change ahead


This programme is designed for senior managers responsible for creating the conditions for corporate growth, instigating difficult changes, and developing the maturity to positively exploit the differences between individuals and the potential of each.


  • Leaders,
  • Directors of establishments and industrial sites,
  • Divisional directors.


  • An enriched human management style
  • Mastering change and crisis
  • Adapting to the maturity of each individual
  • Advanced negotiation
  • Optimised public speaking skills
  • Commonsense consultative decision-making
  • Managing stress through enhanced self-awareness
  • Inspiring an audience

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Jul 3, 2018
Sep 17, 2018
Oct 15, 2018
Nov 19, 2018
Dec 13, 2018
Jan 21, 2019
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Learning Journey

learning journey

Direkte Interaktion

Classroom training


Unentbehrliches Format für das Lernen und Üben durch Rollenspiele und Real-play

Boardroom coaching

Vorstands-und Potenzialträger-Coaching

Anspruchsvolle persönliche Begleitung Ihrer vielversprechendsten Impulsgeber

Learning goals

Lernzieldiskussion mit N+1

Einbeziehung des Managements in den Lernprozess als wesentlicher Faktor für einen effektiven Lernerfolg

Virtuelle Interaktion

Positive Mirror

Positive Mirror-Tool

Übermittlung positiver Rückmeldungen



Beurteilung des beobachtbaren Verhaltens auf einer Skala mit vier Ebenen

Eigenständiges Lernen


Koach, das Lernerfahrungssystem

Multifunktionale, nutzerzentrierte Plattform für eine intensive Lernerfahrung und Steigerung des Lernengagements


E-Learning-Module und Videos

Umfangreiche Auswahl an digitalen Inhalten

Memo card app


Hilfreiche Erinnerungsstützen stets griffbereit

Serious games

Serious games

Serious games, die kaum realistischer sein könnten

On the job practice


Unsere Lernprozesse regen in größtmöglichem Umfang zur Umsetzung in der täglichen Arbeitspraxis an. Wir sorgen für Möglichkeiten, Rückmeldungen zu geben und Erfolge mitzuteilen.


Day 1: Empowering managers

  • The fundamentals of inter-personal communication
  • Declining vision: imparting meaning, motivation and the capacities to achieve the result
  • Change and transition: emotional reactions to unsettling processes
  • The ‘stages of discovery’: from naïve enthusiasm to project implementation
  • Delegation and empowerment: adapting to the different levels of maturity of each individual

Day 2: Coaching performance

  • Active listening: understanding others; identifying tomorrow’s solutions
  • Performance management: measuring results, evaluating competencies, managing potential
  • Praise: a process of consideration and respect for achievements
  • Announcing a change: structuring the arguments for maximum understanding and adhesion

Day 3: Setting the direction

  • Stress management: definition and raison d’être: rational and irrational levers
  • Self control: reacting positively to objections or aggression
  • Attitudes to re-install the conditions for a constructive and balanced exchange
  • Roles: striking the balance between professional and private life
  • Taking and announcing a decision: how to recognise our mistakes

Day 4: Engineering agreement

  • The holistic manager: affirming authority, getting a project adopted, an orientation supported
  • Negotiation: the fundamental attitudes for a better agreement and an enriched relationship
  • Objection handling: the quest for the positive intention
  • The meta-message: what we say, how we say it, and how the other interprets it

Day 5: Installing alignment

  • Performance follow-up: planning and control
  • The reframing session: when the company must preserve its values, and the individual must change his or her behaviour
  • Saying NO: announcing a difficult decision for understanding and acceptance
  • Corporate culture: defining a concrete framework of behavioural values and principles applicable to every level

Day 6: Facing adversity

  • Conflict handling: from mutual accord to mediation or arbitration
  • Group negotiations: the pre-condition of seeking allies
  • Complaints: handle, negotiate, commit and satisfy
  • Asserting leadership in the face of group objections or aggression

Day 7: Preparing for the future

  • Motivation: 10 golden rules for managerial exemplarity
  • Conducting meetings: from work session to information transfer
  • CreaCtivity: organising the 3 poles - ‘dreamer’‘implementor’ and ‘critic’
  • The manager-coach: case work for a vital aptitude
  • Manager Of The Year: close with improved self knowledge and self recognition

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