Strategic Sales for Key-Accounts

Mastering complex processes


Selling global and complex solutions demands an ability to distinguish between the roles and positioning of all players in the decision making process. All must be taken into account drawing on the appropriate attitudes and strategies.


Any major account/key account manager, any negotiator or person involved in a complex sales process.


  • Optimise the chances of a successful key account process
  • Integrate the strategic and political dimensions into a sales process
  • Establish and develop a high-level relationship
  • Identify the roles and functions of each player and manage their differences
  • Stimulate a real ‘purchasing vision’ and create added value
  • Acquire a ‘sales consultancy’ and problem-solving logic
  • Develop the business portfolio by anticipating future needs

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Daten Apr 10, 2018
May 3, 2018
Jun 7, 2018
Jul 5, 2018
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Learning journey

learning journey

Direkte Interaktion

Classroom training


Unentbehrliches Format für das Lernen und Üben durch Rollenspiele und Real-play

Learning goals

Lernzieldiskussion mit N+1

Einbeziehung des Managements in den Lernprozess als wesentlicher Faktor für einen effektiven Lernerfolg

Executive coaching


Steigerung der persönlichen Leistung und Entwicklung

Eigenständiges Lernen


E-Learning-Module und Videos

Umfangreiche Auswahl an digitalen Inhalten

Memo card app


Hilfreiche Erinnerungsstützen stets griffbereit


Koach, das Lernerfahrungssystem

Multifunktionale, nutzerzentrierte Plattform für eine intensive Lernerfahrung und Steigerung des Lernengagements

On the job practice


Unsere Lernprozesse regen in größtmöglichem Umfang zur Umsetzung in der täglichen Arbeitspraxis an. Wir sorgen für Möglichkeiten, Rückmeldungen zu geben und Erfolge mitzuteilen.

Virtuelle Interaktion



361-Grad-Schnappschuss zum Verhalten

Positive Mirror

Positive Mirror-Tool

Übermittlung positiver Rückmeldungen


Day 1: Understanding the client’s environment – identifying the problem

- Personal perception and client reality for the ‘key account’ client, fears, obstacles, springboards
- The fundamentals of inter-personal communication in the commercial process
- Complex strategic selling: specific processes and characteristics
- The Active Reference: the ultimate goal of any key account development strategy
- Questions to accurately trace the client’s problem and establish a real ‘pain statement’

Day 2: Clarifying the position of each key player – establishing a value proposition

- The internal decision-making process: roles, key players
- Positioning each player with regard to the project and the solution; their degree of influence, the decision making process and its dynamic
- Establishing a framework for the co-defined project: a commonly understood and well founded point of departure and a clear expression of measurable benefits
- The 4 elements of the value proposition: general context, framework of the project, solution, value creation
- Indirect questioning to clear potential blockages and obtain a more ‘sincere’ response
- Self control in confrontational situations, emotional management of the relationship

Day 3: Demonstrating our difference – engaging the decision-makers

- Presenting the offer to the client and handling specific objections
- Negotiation when facing a ‘purchasing committee’: the appropriate behaviour
- Price negotiation: get-out clauses...defending our margins
- Closing the deal: validating all parameters towards securing a signature

Day 4: Maximising the chances of a positive conclusion – developing a partnership and a network

- Attack strategies when facing competition, and differentiation analysis
- Gauging success, evaluating the likelihood of concluding, reacting in time
- Engineering agreement with our hierarchy: influencing internally to meet special client demands
- From ROI to ROC – once his/her return on investment is secured, obtain our own ‘return on client!’
- Cultivating a partnership: regular forecasting to secure business volume and client satisfaction

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