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Geraldine Besse

Géraldine Besse

Senior Consultant

Country of residence: Switzerland
Languages spoken: English, French, German


About Geraldine Besse

Géraldine is a Senior Consultant whose main focus is on sales effectiveness programmes, international leadership and coaching. Her approach is characterised by her own corporate and leadership experience in marketing. During her 10+ years with Krauthammer, she has successfully developed programmes and led global sales and leadership projects for organisations in the pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as in private banking. She also developed a structured and efficient approach for the ‘Train the Coach’ programme. With a collaborative approach, Géraldine uses reflection, observation, insight and practise to help individuals, and particularly leaders, discover where they can make the biggest difference to themselves and to their organisations. Using her comprehensive coaching and facilitation skills, she guides managers to focus their efforts and energy on activities that will maximise their efficiency and effectiveness, as well as the motivation and engagement of their teams.

Passionate about the following learning journey elements

Business facilitation

Business facilitation

Fostering communication through structure and behaviours


DISC - TTI Success Insights

Behaviour assessment through simple colour language

Executive coaching

Executive coaching

Boost personal performance and growth

Recent client cases

How a change in behaviour and attitude of client facing employees leads to higher client satisfaction

André Koch wanted its sales force and back office to increase their customer orientation. Two learning journeys were designed: a sales workshop, and a programme for the back office focusing on telephone skills.

Establishing common managerial practices to address operational improvements

Geodis Road Transport wanted to establish shared managerial rules and exemplary behaviours. Therefore motivational management practices to secure performance, leadership roles and interpersonal relationships needed to be addressed.

Included in the learning journey of Geodis Road Transport :

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