Joost van Veluwen

Joost van Veluwen

Training Consultant

Country of residence: Netherlands
Languages spoken: English, Dutch

About Joost van Veluwen

Known for being a flexible and highly experienced senior facilitator, trainer and business coach, Joost’s personal touch has a lasting impact on people and their business performance.
Before Krauthammer, he gained extensive experience working in the professional education sector and also held several management positions. Joost’s pragmatic and business oriented methods, and the straightforward feedback he gives exactly when it’s needed, enables him to achieve concrete results with a lasting impact. Combining his sincerity and deep respect for people, with his drive for results, Joost easily navigates all organisational levels and builds strong relationships with his clients. His conviction has always been that happy, successful employees are the key to successful organisations He enjoys contributing as a facilitator in the area of International Management/Leadership Development, but most of all, he thrives on being involved in projects where people re-invent their talents and develop to a level of success and fulfilment.

Passionate about the following learning journey elements

Business facilitation

Fostering communication through structure and behaviours

Boardroom coaching

Boardroom & high potentials coaching

Demanding personal guidance for your most promising game changers

Class room training

Class room training

Essential time to practice and learn through role and real plays in a face to face and online environment.

Collective intelligence workshop

New ways of collaborating with larger groups towards a collectively shared outcome

Boardroom coaching

Executive coaching

Boost personal performance and growth

Team quality

Team quality survey

Taking action for better team synergy



Behaviour assessment through simple colour language


4LS evaluation

Evaluating observable behaviour on a 4 level scale

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