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Odysee Levine

Odyssée Levine


Country of residence: France
Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish, Russian

About Odyssée Levine

An eager, enthusiastic problem-solver, Odyssée uses his international sales and business development experience to help individuals achieve positive and targeted outcomes. Having worked in, and with a diverse group of companies and teams, from luxury goods to high technology, Odyssée knows first-hand how important learning and development is to the success of any organisation. This knowledge is what drives his passion for consulting, training and coaching. Odyssée has personal and professional experience in countries such as Russia, Spain and the USA, where he gained the skills needed to help leaders and teams thrive in today’s interculturally complex world. A multi-lingual consultant, Odyssée has worked on a wide range of Krauthammer projects dealing with multi-cultural teams that have required a good knowledge of the languages involved. Odyssée’s success is rooted in his ability to understand his clients’ individual strengths and challenges and provide solutions which offer long term benefits.

Passionate about the following learning journey elements

Executive coaching

Executive coaching

Boost personal performance and growth

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