Ron de Rond

Ron de Rond

Training Consultant

Country of residence: Netherlands
Languages spoken: English


About Ron de Rond

Following a career as a medical doctor plus working as a motivational speaker, Ron discovered that corporate coaching, leadership and management training provided channels for implementing change that is both engaging and meaningful. Ron’s vision has long been to assist people in amplifying their original intent, which means harmonizing their inner drivers with their outer expressions. He believes that balancing core with corporate, and transferring one’s inner knowing to outer doing, is essential to making a positive difference and living the life we choose. His focus includes effectively managing thoughts and emotions, maintaining constructive self-talk, and using deeper understanding in decision-making. He has incorporated these principles into several books that he has co-authored, plus he is a regular contributor of articles to online sites such as The Huffington Post. Managing an extensive, diverse client base, Ron sells and executes all Krauthammer programmes. As an organised, committed and demanding individual, Ron consistently keeps his eyes on the big picture while managing the minute details involved in leading multidisciplinary and multicultural teams.

Passionate about the following learning journey elements

Business facilitation

Fostering communication through structure and behaviours

Boardroom coaching

Boardroom & high potentials coaching

Demanding personal guidance for your most promising game changers

Boardroom coaching

Executive coaching

Boost personal performance and growth

Class room training

Class room training

Essential time to practice and learn through role and real plays in a face to face and online environment.

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