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AdNovum, a Swiss software engineering company was founded in 1988. The company soon started to grow and became an established provider of software and security solutions in Switzerland. After the turn of the century, AdNovum ventured abroad and opened its first subsidiary in Hungary, followed by offices in Bern and additional subsidiaries in Singapore and Vietnam. As the company continued to expand, it faced numerous challenges in terms of organization, management structure and corporate culture.

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In addition to the general challenges associated with growth, advanced leadership skills for the line and project managers were needed to operate successfully in a matrix organization. As project managers often lead international teams that collaborate remotely with colleagues at several locations and from diverse cultures, a high level of intercultural awareness was also required.

We Design

In close cooperation with AdNovum’s CEO and its HR department, Krauthammer designed a custom 3-day leadership training. The programme focused on interpersonal communication, goal setting, delegating tasks, motivating employees, giving and receiving feedback, as well as conducting realignment meetings with project members. Special attention was given to multicultural communication, looking into how cultural differences affect cooperation and which skills leaders need to effectively manage and leverage cultural differences.

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The programme has been a part of the leadership development at AdNovum for the past 16 years. It has been followed by more than 200 AdNovum staff, mainly at company headquarters in Switzerland.

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The 3-day leadership programme has proven to be an effective means of shaping and establishing a corporate leadership culture within AdNovum. Both line and project managers report that they were able to manage projects with more ease, and conduct meetings more effectively. Also, they say that after the programme, they found it easier to communicate with team members, set clear goals and delegate tasks to project staff. They also report that sharing their experiences with other line and project managers increased trust and fostered exchange between management staff.   

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