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André Koch

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How a change in behaviour and attitude of client facing employees leads to higher client satisfaction

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We Sense

André Koch AG is one of the leading paint suppliers for automotive refinishing in Switzerland, with an ambitious growth strategy. In a short period of time, new employees were hired, new products were launched and new clients won. There were a lot of changes to cope with and the quality of client communication suffered, which is a major factor of quality appreciation by clients.

We Bridge

A situation analysis, based on joint client meetings by sales representatives and Krauthammer consultants, brought out which behaviours needed attention. For the back office employees, a Krauthammer consultant observed the actual skill level on the phone.

This field analysis revealed what needed attention: acting more proactively, taking ownership, improved interpersonal communication, dealing with objections, handling complaints and presenting the company in a confident way.

We Design

Two learning journeys were designed to address the learning challenge: a sales workshop for sales representatives, including a TTI Success Insights DISC assessment, and a 2-day training programme for the back office employees.

We Facili'train

The programmes were rolled out to all client facing employees.

You Drive

The sales representatives’ initial scepticism, especially towards the DISC assessment, disappeared once they realised how powerful the approach to understanding own drivers is, and especially the drivers from their clients. They were able to harvest positive outcomes through a change in their behaviour.

The back office employees really changed their attitude, with more team spirit across departments and a better understanding and acting upon client and colleague requests. They even organised own follow-up sessions to further practice the new skills learned.

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