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Setting standards for a value based leadership culture to follow the strategy of internationalisation

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Manuela Kienitz
Manuela Kienitz

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Robert Nooney

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Javier Fernández Montijano

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We Sense

Armacell, a world leader in flexible insulation foams for the equipment-insulation market, employs approx. 3,000 people worldwide. The company has 24 production plants in 15 countries. Armacell's  products significantly contribute to global energy efficiency. In 2012, Armacell decided to launch a corporate leadership programme. One of the company's main objectives was accomplishing a commonly shared leadership culture and a shift in their leaders' mindset.

We Bridge

Krauthammer and Armacell identified the challenges the different regions and divisions were facing and analysed needs and specific learning objectives. The focus was on developing an internationally shared mindset and setting common standards for performance management. The leaders were to get to know the guiding principles and foundations. 

We Design

The “Leadership Foundation Development Programme”, a 3-day training, was co-designed by Krauthammer and Armacell. It was fine-tuned with specific Armacell cases and exercises to ensure a close link to the business. The involvement of line managers in the design process increased its later buy-in and applicability. The programme was approved during a pilot.

As a second step – the programme elements “engaging leadership” and “empowering leadership” were added and the programme was extended to 5 training days.  

We Facili'train

In total, 460 managing employees from all Armacell’s locations have been trained.

You Drive

The managing employees now have an easily applicable set of tools combined with a constructive mindset at their disposition. They also have the same understanding of leadership and share a common language which enables them to motivate and engage their employees, and to enhance the effectivity of their teams. Specifically this means, that international standards for performance management, such as giving and receiving feedback, accountability, achieving consensus in groups or active listening are now implemented and applied by all managing employees. And these are crucial aspects for Armacell to achieve their organisational goals.

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