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Developing managers 2.0: ensuring employees' growth, fulfillment and well-being

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Daniel Eppling
Daniel Eppling

Training Consultant

We Sense

Bouygues Construction is a global player in construction and services. It has 50,100 employees and operates in more than 80 countries. The company was rated top employer 2017 in France.

Bouygues Construction has always prioritised the development, fulfilment and well-being of their employees. However, due to corporate and societal changes, the company wanted to adapt and change their managerial practices and behaviours to find new ways of working and communicating.

Some of the changes directly impacting management styles are as follows:

  • New governance which requires an interdisciplinary management approach (flat, breaking silos).
  • The evolution of digital technologies and changing communication habits. New generations in particular expect a collaborative, less directive management approach with more use of visual and participative tools.
  • Well-being and work quality are increasingly important for employees in professional relationships.

We Bridge

Krauthammer focused on four core management areas (deciding, leading, communicating, and accompanying) with a direct impact on daily actions. By illustrating the shift from the old behaviour patterns to the new set of behaviours required (from … to), Krauthammer laid the foundation for the design concept of the programme. 

We Design

Together with two other training companies, Krauthammer designed a very special, tailor-made programme. With a mix of different facilitation approaches (Appreciative Inquiry and Team Constellation), the use of the Dynamic Spiral-model, and experimental improvisation, it was a very varied learning journey.   

The different parts of the learning journey were:  

  • Experimental improvisation activities to deal with uncertainty
  • Appreciative inquiry to discover, dream, design, and deploy what it means to be a Manager 2.0
  • Deepening the behaviour change needed (environment, capabilities, beliefs, identity)
  • Relating Manager 2.0 to the Dynamic Spiral-value levels
  • Representing teams’ constellations within the autonomy 4 steps-cycle
  • Translating Manager 2.0 into the workplace by designing offices differently
  • Creating visual dashboards for lean management
  • Practising mindfulness
  • Shaping the 360° assessment

We Facili'train

The programme was co-delivered with facilitators from two other training companies. It lasted four days and was deployed in blocks of two consecutive days.

The training groups (20-24 people in size) represented the managing system of Bouygues Construction, ranging from first level managers to directors. The participants were connected to the organisation’s Yammer community throughout the programme.

You Drive

200 managers participated in this training event in 2017. The participants described it as an authentic, new, 2.0 experience, where they were continuously experimenting and adapting to the group flow. They also said that it was much more than a training exercise and that the experience was incomparable to anything they had attended before.

The promoter score of satisfied participants recommending the event to others is currently 85%.

The programme continues in 2018 with several training groups. 

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