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Damen Shipyards


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Creating synergies across different levels of management and tapping into high potentials

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Lidi Van Dessel

Lidi van Dessel

Senior consultant

We Sense

Damen Shipyards aimed at having a greater synergy between their 32 shipyards. There was no leadership programme in place and it was challenging to identify future leaders within the organisation. Besides the leaders needed to have more exposure to the company’s international environment. A leadership framework had to be developed, and a partner was needed to secure fast results.

We Bridge

High potentials from several shipyards who were with Damen since 2-3 years should be identified and trained. Attention should also be given to their managers so that those could coach and accompany the high potentials through the process.  At the beginning of the programme a platform should be provided for board members, senior managers and high potentials to exchange about their ideas on leadership.  

We Design

Krauthammer and Damen Shipyards co-designed a one-year-programme for the company’s high potentials with four topics and a strategic challenge. The topics were personal leadership, working in a (project) team, connective leadership, influencing and negotiation.

We Facili'train

The training contained also a strategic part. The training participants had to develop innovative solutions for strategic challenges the board had identified in the company. During the closure of the programme the participants had to present their solutions to the board members. So far 70 participants have been trained.

You Drive

Bringing the strategic challenges to the programme has helped to find innovative solutions. The participants were trained in presenting their case well and communities were created around various topics. This created impact and awareness in the organisation.

Many parts of the programme have been new for Damen and a cultural shift, e.g. the board being actively involved in the programme.

Nowadays the alumni of the programme (approximately 70 high potentials) moved to other positions or were asked to work on different strategic projects.  

Damen Shipyards continued to develop its potential further through various programmes that build on this foundation.

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