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Establishing common managerial practices to address operational improvements 

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Geraldine Besse
Géraldine Besse

Training Consultant

We Sense

Geodis is a supply chain operator with a direct presence in 67 countries and a global network spanning over 120 countries. The company, which is part of SNCF Logistics, is the number one transport and logistics operator in France, and number four in Europe.

A critical analysis on how the performance of Geodis Road Transport could be improved brought forward that many of the challenges are linked to managerial practices. If those practices could be changed and shared among all, major operational improvements could be achieved. Additionally, this common managerial language would strengthen the cultural identity, which is seen as key to attracting and retaining talent within the company.

We Bridge

An analysis of the current situation showed that so far, there were no shared managerial rules and desired behaviours. As such, the managers did not have the same level of skills and capabilities in terms of behavioural competencies.

Krauthammer used this as a starting point to create the desired impact on the strategic and cultural objectives in order to enhance the importance of the trainings. The use of the TTI Success Insights assessment (DISC profile) shows the different types of personalities and how to handle them as a manager.

We Design

The learning journey was co-designed with Geodis Road Transport and concentrated specifically on three complementary parts: firstly, interpersonal relationships or how to take others into account when managing, secondly, key managerial practices to be able to apply the appropriate management practices in order to secure motivation and performance and thirdly, the leader’s role within the Geodis context, or how to optimise peoples’ behaviour towards themselves and the company culture.

We Facili'train

The roll-out started with a workshop for the board. Then three pilot trainings followed with the board, the regional directors and the leadership mentors. After the pilot in France, train the trainer programmes were conducted in Spain, Italy and Germany.

100+ managers were trained successfully in France. For Geodis the success of this programme lies in the fact that managers now have a better understanding of their own behaviours.

You Drive

Although the real impact of such a programme is hard to pinpoint, responsibles at Geodis Road Transport observe a greatly improved collaboration based on respect and appreciation of others, a more positive mindset and focus on action. Many participants directly relate the breakthroughs in their challenges to what they learned. All of this is contributing to the continued success of Geodis.

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