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Building a common leadership culture to engage people after new acquisitions

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Fabien Albaladejo
Fabien Albaladejo

Training Consultant

We Sense

PROVIMI, a leading company in the animal nutrition business with now more than 16, 000 employees, was merging with five companies to create the PROVIMI group. To face the market challenges and realize the ambitions of the new group, the management team judged it to be paramount that a sense of unity was created among its people and to merge the different cultures into one.

We Bridge

A joint analysis of Provimi and Krauthammer concluded that creating a common leadership culture was the key to bringing unity and having engaged employees. A complete set of managerial practices and behaviours that needed attention were then worked out.

We Design

The “Leadership Development Programme” was designed around 3 development areas. The first one focused on performance management and managing difficult situations. The second on team building and spirit and the development of coaching behaviours. The last focused on individual situations and on anchoring the behaviours into managers’ daily lives.

The 3 parts were separated by a year, each following a different objective:

1. Key behavioural management skills and best practices
2. Follow-up and reinforcement of the first programme
3. Personal development, sharing and anchoring the new behavioural skills acquired

We Facili'train

In order to start from the top and show exemplarity to the whole company, the programme started with a workshop for the board members based on two main axes: to optimize the performance of the leading team and develop individual leadership skills. So far, the programme has developed 83 participants in France and is still ongoing.

You Drive

Overall, the observable impact is the change in the way people communicate: they understand themselves and others better and collaboration has increased. Also, having a common language and a shared feedback culture between the managers is equipping them to better face changes. It is also seen as the main driver for getting the whole new organization to now act as one.

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