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Implementing the “Roche Way of Customer Engagement”
From medical experts to service providers

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Rene Keller
René Keller

Training Consultant

We Sense

The sales force of Roche Pharma Switzerland was very successful. In order to carry this success story into the future, Roche was eager to take its next step forward, determined to stay “best in class”.


We Bridge

Roche decided to develop a modular training concept with one-day training sessions, dealing with specific topics and challenging situations during sales calls.

We Design

In close cooperation with Krauthammer, Roche co-designed, developed and implemented a coherent training cycle. All training programmes are now based on the “Roche way of customer engagement”, a framework defining observable criteria for sales behaviour. The training sessions designed focused on relevant interaction phases with clients. To ensure that each session matched employees’ individual skill levels, employee behaviours were assessed against the “Roche way of customer engagement” framework.

We Facili'train

Over a period of several years, almost 200 people have taken part in the training sessions. The content of the training programmes has evolved to include real business situations.

As the sales representatives’ competencies increased over time, coaching sessions with line managers became even more important. To meet this need, further programmes such as “Train the Coach” have been implemented.

You Drive

Roche’s customer-facing functions are now able to hold high-quality conversations with customers. The sales managers have improved their coaching skills, allowing them to support their sales teams individually. Roche and Krauthammer are continuously enhancing the programme to improve agility and customer focus.

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