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Daniel Eppling
Daniel Eppling

Training Consultant

We Sense

SBM Offshore traditionally focused on its entrepreneurial culture and its “technology creates value” motto. However in 2010, SBM Offshore wanted to make its leadership culture stronger. The challenge was to enable the transformation of the company from a very technology-driven perspective into a more robust leadership-value based culture.

We Bridge

Krauthammer responded by designing a tailor-made leadership programme (LMD) that was aligned with the company strategy.

We Design

The leadership and management journey designed by Krauthammer was based on a 361° analysis, a mentoring process and 3 two-day training sessions that were presented using a bi-cultural approach.

We Facili'train

160 senior leaders participated in the international cross-border leadership programme (LMD). An additional 450 managers were enrolled in a similar training process in groups of 10. The management programme (MDP) was deployed locally and trained by local Krauthammer consultants.

After 4 years of intensive collaboration, SBM Offshore implemented a new worldwide leadership competency model to re-address their talent management and leadership development activities. Krauthammer accompanied the launch of this new HR initiative as a strategic partner and reviewed both programmes (LMD and MDP) in this new light.

You Drive

As a result of the two first programmes (LMD + MDP), more than 3,000 actions were captured and reported. An intermediate analysis was conducted on a sampling of those reports. Here are two highlights:

50% of participants reported saving time, energy and stress

36% of participants reported improved team productivity and motivation

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