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High performing teams

Building a new management team that is united and can effectively drive cultural and strategic change within an agricultural cooperative group.

Our best people on the case

Thierry Stephan
Thierry Stéphan

Training Consultant

We Sense

In order to support the implementation of its strategic plan and to engage all of the managers, VIVESCIA Agriculture decided to set up a ‘Managerial Plan’. In launching this global action, the Executive Committee became aware of the need to start with a thorough assessment of its own practices as a team.

We Bridge

At the start, the Executive Committee was a group of experts focused on their own units, who would meet mainly to exchange information. The objective was to build a mature and responsible management team that would be clear about the fundamentals and effectively able to meet the challenges posed by future changes, involving supporting the management chain in implementing the decisions taken.

We Design

Krauthammer created a customised “High-performance Team” programme, alternating workshops, real-world situations and coaching for the team and occasionally for the individual members.

We Facili'train

An intensive preparatory phase, four day-and-a-half-long residential sessions, followed by working in groups between the sessions enabled Krauthammer to patiently flesh out the teams ambitions and desired framework and stimulate individual & collective behaviour.

You Drive

The initial working group was transformed into a true management team, with each member acting as a stakeholder in the group project. Their commitments were shared with all of the managers and monitoring indicators were established in order to make them sustainable long-term.

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