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Customised solutions

Whatever your audience, size or location? Our services are split into three offer types and each can be customised just for your context. Discover the one that's just right for you!

What Krauthammer can offer you

To meet your specific needs in terms of audience, size or location.

High stakes? Personal and team guidance for your senior and talented game changers.

Krauthammer aurum

Most suitable for:

  • Boardroom, executive committees & high potentials
  • Strategic change facilitation
  • Leadership culture development
  • Board team coaching


  • Small groups
  • Individual coaching

Discover aurum

Lasting impact? Our unique methodology has proved that learning can be turned into new intuitive behaviour....even after 10 years.


Most suitable for:

  • Senior to middle management
  • Sales & account managers
  • Engaging leadership, management & commercial development


  • Senior trainers
  • Proven result programme design

Discover our core

Large audience? The essence of Krauthammer’s premium learning journeys designed cost-effectively.

Krauthammer amplio

Most suitable for:

  • Middle management to next layers
  • Sales teams
  • Rolling out tested programmes to larger audiences


  • Multi-channel learning (emphasis on digital & progressive methods)
  • Smart design for cost-effective roll-out
  • Larger groups

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