Executive coaching

Executive coaching

Boost personal performance and growth

Personal guidance that supports the individual improve their ability to assess, work out and apply solutions. Also helps them go from where they are to where they want themselves and their company to be.

When to use

  • For key individuals seeking greater self-understanding, new solutions and (more) focus in their managerial performance effectiveness.
  • Executives who are too busy and stressed to step back and learn from their experiences.
  • People who have recently been promoted and need to accelerate their learning curve.


  • The demanding trust relationship created with a coach, places unprecedented focus on results.
  • The action-oriented guidance, focusing on self-discovery and finding new 'own' solutions, instills fresh ways of acting that are applied long after the coaching end.
  • 'Real-time' support in the current job context allows day-to-day responsibilities to continue.

Client cases where executive coaching was used

Establishing leadership in a competitive multi-cultural environment

AdNovum, a Swiss software engineering company continued to grow. In addition to the general challenges associated with growth advanced leadership skills for line and project managers were needed. A leadership training with special attention on multicultural communication also addressed topics such as “goal setting” and “employee motivation”.

Included in the learning journey of AdNovum:

From recruitment to a full-service HR provider through new consultative sales behaviours

Luba needed a new sales process based on consultative selling. A management training was designed to coach employees on the new sales process and a sales training focusing on active references.

Included in the learning journey of Luba:

Getting doctors fit for managerial positions

Doctors increasingly adopted dual roles, being both managers and health professionals. A management programme to shape particular skills and competencies such as feedback culture, employee motivation and effective project management was designed for this demanding group.

Included in the learning journey of Gesundheitszentrum Fricktal:

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