First Level Management

  • Communicate to groups effectively.
  • Mobilise and unify members of a network.
  • Set motivating goals and rally the support of everyone to achieve them.
  • Prepare and lead work sessions.

€ 2550

Duration: 3/4 days across 3 months

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In your region 03.10.2017

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  • Manage and motivate others on a daily basis
  • Create a positive atmosphere
  • Manage individual and collective problems effectively
  • Help all to realise objectives
  • Relay decisions and communicate them, manage resistance
  • Cope with difficult and conflictual situations
  • Prepare and animate a work session
  • Communicate effectively in front of a group 


  • New operational managers,
  • junior managers,
  • project managers,
  • supervisors.


Day 1: Motivating direct reports
- The fundamentals of inter-personal communication
- The difference between personal perception and reality
- When the manager has to question his or her certainties: learning new attitudes
- Change: how to manage the emotional reactions of employees
- Delegating according to individual competencies
- Fixing concrete and realistic objectives
- Presenting a theme, project or idea to a group

Day 2: Supervising performance
- Active listening: the key attitudes to help self-expression and improve mutual understanding
- From reporting session to annual evolution session: appreciating performance and helping people evolve
- Praise: a process of consideration and respect as well as one of motivation
- Verbal communication: perfecting different behaviours and tools

Day 3: Getting things done
- Managing contradictions, criticisms and aggression
- Stress and self management: mechanisms to better control spontaneous reactions
- Work session and brainstorming animation – effective principles
- Communicating a difficult decision and managing the reactions
- Recognising mistakes: how does one behave in this sensitive situation?

Day 4: Handling problems
- Presenting a project or recommendation upwards
- Task planning and monitoring
- The reframing session: from preparation to analyse the problem, to respecting commitments
- Conflict management: from mutual agreement to arbitration, how to ‘come out on top’


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