Young Professional Programme

  • Communicate to groups effectively.
  • Mobilise and unify members of a network.
  • Set motivating goals and rally the support of everyone to achieve them.
  • Prepare and lead work sessions.

€ 4075

Duration: 6 days across 4 months

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  • Increased attractiveness in the labour market and higher retention rates- your talent pipeline gets, and above all stays filled. 
  • Saving time and resources while leading to higher returns- bringing you increased effectiveness. 
  • Engaged, motivated and inspired young professional that are bubbling with energy and ideas- the next generation of managers and leaders.
  • Young professionals with the skills and competencies to turn opportunities into real results.
  • Better collaboration between young professionals and the rest of the team, especially looking at different generations and cultures. 
  • A strengthened network- bridging fields, businesses and industries.


WHO can participate in this programme? 

The Young Professional Programme is a programme directed at all those employees between the age of 24 and 35 that are at the start of their career and have the ability and drive to make a difference in an organization. They are the ones with bright ideas and continuous motivation to learn. At the same time, they need managerial support and guidance to discover and build on their strengths.


WHAT will I get?
You will get an 8 day programme spread over 8 months. Two trainers will accompany the group of participants from diverse companies and industries, facilitating exchange, sharing best practices and above all, fostering personal development. The training content moves from micro to macro level. Starting with the discovery of personal strengths and growth potential, the perspective is continuously expanded to include the attitudes and skills need to succeed in a specific job, in a team, in the organization as a whole and in the broader organizational environment. Personal cases taken from day-to-day business life of the participants, as well as role plays and real plays ensure that new insights and skills are actually translated into behaviour and routines.


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