Winning strategies for key accounts

  • Communicate to groups effectively.
  • Mobilise and unify members of a network.
  • Set motivating goals and rally the support of everyone to achieve them.
  • Prepare and lead work sessions.

€ 3260

Duration: 4 days across 3 months

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In your region 01.06.2017

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  • Optimise the chances of a successful key account process
  • Integrate the strategic and political dimensions into a sales process
  • Establish and develop a high-level relationship
  • Identify the roles and functions of each player and manage their differences
  • Stimulate a real ‘purchasing vision’ and create added value
  • Acquire a ‘sales consultancy’ and problem-solving logic
  • Develop the business portfolio by anticipating future needs


Any major account/key account manager, any negotiator or person involved in a complex sales process.

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