Is your organisation ready for sales in the new digital era?


What was true in sales 10 years ago, is no longer today. New technology has enabled a complete new way of information handling and opened doors for new types of competitors and business models.

Therefore we have completely renewed our sales programme portfolio to enable our clients to build those sales competencies that are needed to win today.

The  new programmes in a nutshell (programme - target audience - learning need)

Including latest research in neuro-communication, the new Solution Selling Essentials programme helps participants to unlock their commercial talent. The programme has a focus on the four key sales activitiesconnect, construct, close & conquer". And will result in a radical overhaul of sales style and approach. 

Being a trusted advisor, its high on the agenda of any seasoned sales professional. Yet few live up to the promise. Our new Advanced Value Selling programme challenges commercial professionalism and trains participants in latest tools and concepts to create winning value propositions. 

The complexity of managing key accounts with a multitude of relations to foster is increasing. Our new Key Account Management programme trains participants on how to apply a key account management process. This demanding programme makes participants earn while they learn. 

Leading a sales team requires a special combination of skills and talents. Our new Sales Management 3.0 programme splits up different roles/tasks and shows participants how to progress and balance in between by using new effective sales management tools and concepts. 

Back office people often have the most frequent contact with clients. This Commercial Support programme trains participants into a more customer-oriented communication, building relationships, problem solving and stress resistance. 

All four programmes are available as open programmes. They can also be the starting point for a customised in-company training solution.

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