Our thoughts on issues that matter to people and learning

Article Open your mind to positivy

World Café for conversations that matter

Collective wisdom to engage and mobilise people

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Article Cross cultural negotiation

Cross-cultural negotiation

The fine line between triumph and tragedy

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Article Workplace learning

The mystery of managing Generation Y

“5 Essentials” to unveil Gen Y’s true potential

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Article Positive mirror

Do-it-yourself year end evaluation

Creating harmony by dealing with difficult people and situations

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Article Boardroom coaching

Getting your first 100 days right

How to earn your team’s trust as a new manager

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Article Beware of the Frank Underwoods

The ABC of employee engagement

or how to keep your team motivated

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Article How to announce difficult decisions

Top management meets Generation Y

Generational diversity: What can we learn from it?

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Understanding body language

Successful negotiations: STOP being a victim, START taking charge

How to behave in a negotiation when the other party is more powerful than you

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Article Engaging prospects with the right question tactics

The perfect entry

How to help new colleagues get fully on board

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Article MK Publications Nicepeopleadvancefirst

Sharing and giving - nice people advance first

How managers can support generosity

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