The best things about working for Krauthammer, listen to the Krauthammerians themselves.

Marjolein van de BerghContinuous improvement is what pops up in my head when I look back on my career at Krauthammer so far. I joined three years ago as I wanted to gain experience in the commercial sector. During my masters in Organizational Sciences, I mainly focused on the public sector and I wanted to expand my horizons. I could not have wished for a better place to work on this than Krauthammer.  Together with other Young Professionals in Germany and France, I followed an extensive training programme where we learned to facilitate trainings and workshops, to understand clients’ needs and to build value propositions. 

From my senior colleagues I also learned a lot, taking me along on big and international projects. I felt supported when I had my first training day with a group in Rotterdam. My colleague was there at 7:30 to help me get started.  When the first participant arrived he said, “You will rock it!” and he came only back at 17:00 o’clock to listen to my enthusiastic waterfall of words about my great first training experience. At Krauthammer University I discovered my love for coaching and non-violent communication and I will develop further in this direction.

It’s inspiring to contribute to Krauthammer. We are constantly reinventing ourselves and looking for new ways of working, both in our offer towards clients as for our internal organisation.   

   Marjolein van den Bergh - Consultant Krauthammer  


Jos Verbruggen

I’m now working for more than three years for Krauthammer and so far it has been a really exciting journey. I learned a lot about myself, my vision of life and how I cope with different situations. Krauthammer changed me a lot. I became much more positive, more appreciative towards others, myself and unexpected challenges. I also feel much more grounded which helps me to stay behind the steering wheel of my own life.

What I appreciate about Krauthammer is the belief in “empowerment”. I never receive any “order” from anyone so I always feel in control of my own development and results. This really works for me and helps me flourish. Another point I’m really happy about is the relationship I’m having with my colleagues. We meet twice a year at Krauthammer University and there we connect on a much deeper level than I have ever experienced before. Looking back to when I started I can say that my personal journey and transformation has been huge. An experience I can only recommend !   

Jos Verbruggen - Consultant Krauthammer



I started working in 2015 as a Krauthammer Young Professional. That was my first job after my studies. I was very excited of course! My expectations were that I Jos Dames
would be working for senior consultants, in the background, slowly getting acquainted with the business. Instead, I was treated as a valuable asset right from the start, I worked with senior consultants and met  clients from the very beginning. I was having  conversations with CXO’s when I was just two months in the company and still at the beginning of my career.

Krauthammer really believes in the potential of people, and where can you learn more than at a table with CXO’s?! 

Next to the strategic level our business, the education to become a Krauthammer consultant is extensive.  I could not have asked for a better start of my career!”

   Jos Dames - Consultant Krauthammer