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Change & Transformation

Some of the common change & transformation challenges facing our clients that we help them overcome.

Sales Excellence

Here are some of the most common client sales challenges we've worked on.

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Why you should lead an exit conversation

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Establishing leadership in a competitive multi-cultural environment

André Koch

How a change in behaviour and attitude of client facing employees leads to higher client satisfaction

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Krauthammer senior trainers are masters in training interpersonal communication skills, based on personal experience and due to their other role as business developers. Put to the test for over 45 years, Krauthammer's unique learning methodology focuses on observable and lasting behaviour change at individual, team and corporate levels. All of our learning journeys are contextual and experience based.

Krauthammer aurum

When major decisions must be taken that shape the future of your organisation, you can count on our most experienced consultants with their outstanding business acumen. Our ability to quickly sense and focus on key issues combined with the skills to bring the right breakthrough levers to the table is what makes our change facilitation special. Providing individual and team coaching to your most senior leaders and high potentials will likely be a pivotal moment in their careers. 

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