First Level Management 4

Seize the day


This programme has been devised for those managing a small team or running a project, and who are new to management. For those who have not previously followed a management training, or who are seeking to refresh their skills.

Who's it for

New line managers, project managers, executive assistants


  • Relay, decisions and communicate them, manage resistance
  • Help all to realise objectives
  • Communicate effectively in front of a group
  • Prepare and animate a work session
  • Manage and motivate others on a daily basis
  • Cope with difficult and conflictual situations
  • Manage individual and collective problems effectively
  • Create a positive atmosphere

EUR 3490

Dates Sep 17, 2019
Oct 15, 2019
Nov 13, 2019
Dec 6, 2019
Language French
Region Paris
Contact Paris office, France

(+33) (0)1 44 69 60 00

* This total investment (excl. VAT) includes all material and catering.

Learning Journey

First level management 4 days

Face-to-face interaction

Class room training

Class room training

Essential time to practice and learn through role and real plays

Learning goals

Learning goals discussion with N+1

Management involvement in the learning journey is an essential factor for effective learning success

Virtual interaction


361° online self & peer evaluation

361° behavioural snapshot

Positive mirror

Positive Mirror

Sharing positive feedback

Autonomous learning



Complete range of digital content

Memo card app

Memo Card App

Helpful memory triggers always at hand

Serious games

Serious Games

Role play as serious as it gets


Learning experience system Koach

Our multi-device user-centric platform provides an immersive learning experience that improves learning engagement

On the job practice

On-the-job practice

Our learning journeys stimulate maximum on-the-job practice with frequent opportunities to report back and share successes.


Day 1

  • The fundamentals of inter-personal communication
  • The difference between personal perception and reality
  • When the manager has to question his or her certainties: learning new attitudes
  • Change: how to manage the emotional reactions of employees
  • Delegating according to individual competencies
  • Fixing concrete and realistic objectives Presenting a theme, project or idea to a group

Day 2

  • Active listening: the key attitudes to help self-expression and improve mutual understanding
  • From reporting session to annual evolution session: appreciating performance and helping people evolve
  • Praise: a process of consideration and respect as well as one of motivation
  • Verbal communication: perfecting different behaviours and tools

Day 3

  • Managing contradictions, criticisms and aggression
  • Stress and self-management: mechanisms to better control spontaneous reactions
  • Work session and brainstorming animation – effective principles Communicating a difficult decision and managing the reactions
  • Recognising mistakes: how does one behave in this sensitive situation?

Day 4

  • Presenting a project or recommendation upwards
  • Task planning and monitoring
  • The reprimand session: from preparation to analyse the problem, to respecting commitments
  • Conflict management: from mutual agreement to arbitration, how to 'come out on top'

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