From vision to action


The objective of this programme is to enable experienced leaders (Presidents, Managing Directors, Board Members..) to clarify and translate ‘vision’ into high-performance ‘action’ and to harmonise strategy with the culture and structure of their organisation. Thus, for the leader, according to his or her personal leadership style, the task is to ensure coherence and relevance both in decision-making and behaviour.

Who's it for

Leaders, CEOs, Presidents and vice-presidents, General managers


  • Announce new directions and optimise their uptake
  • Be the inspiring force behind a learning culture
  • Inspire an audience
  • Impart a sense of serenity to crisis
  • Cultivate the capacity to lead and develop an organisation
  • Stimulate value creation
  • Create a context which encourages personal evolution
  • Adapt leadership style according to team maturity

This training is currently only offered as part of our customised solutions.

Learning journey

Face-to-face interaction

Class room training

Class room training

Essential time to practice and learn through role and real plays

Boardroom coaching

Boardroom & high potentials coaching

Demanding personal guidance for your most promising game changers

Learning goals

Learning goals discussion with N+1

Management involvement in the learning journey is an essential factor for effective learning success

Virtual interaction


4LS evaluation

Evaluating observable behaviour on a 4 level scale

Positive mirror

Positive Mirror

Sharing positive feedback

Autonomous learning



Complete range of digital content

Memo card app

Memo Card App

Helpful memory triggers always at hand

Serious games

Serious Games

Role play as serious as it gets


Learning experience system Koach

Our multi-device user-centric platform provides an immersive learning experience that improves learning engagement

On the job practice

On-the-job practice

Our learning journeys stimulate maximum on-the-job practice with frequent opportunities to report back and share successes.


Encouraging individual development

  • The essentials of inter-personal communication
  • The leader-coach: identify the problem, formulate solutions: the facilitator attitude
  • Performance management: driving team evolution, analysing successes, transforming failures, detecting talent
  • Feedback: celebrating success: reinforcing and stimulating good practice; alerting on time
  • The 10 golden rules of exemplarity: application to personal case studies

Reinforcing personal charisma

  • "Holistic" action: convince an audience, have a project adopted, a re-orientation supported
  • Self-management: handling contradictions and criticisms
  • Stress: sources and stimuli; the Cohen Scale
  • The art of negotiation: adopting the right attitudes according to the different players
  • The meta-message: identifying the signals, managing the implicit, interpreting the unsaid
  • The personal outlook based on 361° feedback

Meaning, direction, points of reference

  • The leader as image guardian and of the 3 pillars: strategy, culture, structure
  • The paradoxes of change, phases to unleash it and accompany the transition
  • Communicating a decision/announcing a change
  • The delegative style: confer power, assure ones-self of competencies
  • Formal speeches: creating impact and harvesting commitment
  • Tactics and behaviour styles when facing a critical or opposed audience

Anticipating turbulence, facing tense situations

  • Recognise tensions and paradoxes - the Double Helix Model ®
  • Taking a stance in a coherent manner and affirming it with authority
  • Re-frame deviances: primary qualities and associated defects; positive intention and higher principle
  • Strategy-making in the face of conflictual situations: prioritising consensus and reaching mutual accord
  • Arbitrator and mediator: the qualities expected of a leader

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