Leadership for Women

Fuel for female growth


This programme will broaden male managers understanding of levers of female motivation and guide female managers towards their own style.

Who's it for

Executive committee, CEO, Managing Directors, Sales Managers, …


  • A better understanding of different leadership styles associated with masculine and feminine genders
  • A diagnosis of your personal strengths
  • A work on assertiveness
  • Tools to use our emotional intelligence and control our emotions
  • Behavior and attitudes to gain influence

This training is currently only offered as part of our customised solutions.

Learning journey

Leardership for women

Face-to-face interaction

Class room training

Class room training

Essential time to practice and learn through role and real plays

Learning goals

Learning goals discussion with N+1

Management involvement in the learning journey is an essential factor for effective learning success

Autonomous learning



Complete range of digital content

Memo card app

Memo Card App

Helpful memory triggers always at hand


Learning experience system Koach

Our multi-device user-centric platform provides an immersive learning experience that improves learning engagement

On the job practice

On-the-job practice

Our learning journeys stimulate maximum on-the-job practice with frequent opportunities to report back and share successes.

Serious games

Serious Games

Role play as serious as it gets

Virtual interaction

Positive mirror

Positive Mirror

Sharing positive feedback


361° online self & peer evaluation

361° behavioural snapshot


Understanding leadership styles related to gender

  • Stereotypes and expectations associated with men and women
  • Men and women: 2 different management styles?
  • Finding your own management style
  • Combining transformational and transactional management to become a ‘complete’ manager

Gain influence and optimize your work-life balance

  • Controlling your emotions by managing stress
  • Gaining in proactivity to better know how to market yourself
  • Escaping your constraints and personal mental blocks to increase efficiency
  • How to operate differently to grow more quickly at work
  • How to network and taking an interest in levels of influence
  • Knowing how to say ‘No’ and setting limits by communicating your obligations

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