The Decision Process and Change Management

A considered choice, a successful transition


An unsettling change is like a dense fog. We need to know how to navigate through it. The more complex the change, the greater our responsibility to synthesise a range of factors - not all of them rational. Whatever its source, steering a change process to a successful outcome involves two certainties. Taking the right decision can be fiendishly difficult and human beings naturally resist accepting and adapting to what is new.

Krauthammer will develop your capacity, and that of your managers, to identify and evaluate the right parameters before saying YES to a change. Participants will learn how to optimise the involvement of all parties and the behaviour most suited to managing implementation effectively. The result - a more lucid approach to the risk inherent in any change initiative, increased vigilance in choosing its message and a more human perspective in its day-to-day management.

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  • Optimising the chances of successful change
  • Coping with the complexity of rational and emotional reactions
  • Creating the conditions of confrontational debate between decision-makers
  • Pinpointing everyone’s position
  • Reaching the best decision possible given the stakes
  • Increasing the speed of implementation
  • Identifying and accompanying the “opponents ”
  • Effective communication of the reason for the change

This training is currently only offered as part of our customised solutions.

The learning journey

Face-to-face interaction

Class room training

Class room training

Essential time to practice and learn through role and real plays

Learning goals

Learning goals discussion with N+1

Management involvement in the learning journey is an essential factor for effective learning success

Autonomous learning

Memo card app

Memo Card App

Helpful memory triggers always at hand


Learning experience system Koach

Our multi-device user-centric platform provides an immersive learning experience that improves learning engagement

Serious games

Serious Games

Role play as serious as it gets



Complete range of digital content

Virtual interaction

Positive mirror

Positive Mirror

Sharing positive feedback


361° online self & peer evaluation

361° behavioural snapshot


Day 1

Definition of Change
  • The 4 steps of the “life cycle”
  • The contradictory message of man facing change
Parameters and responsibilities
  • Parameters at stake
  • Change: transition, speed and amplitude
  • Initiate or suffer: the key to a future state of mind
  • Prepare, notify, drive: what are the manager’s responsibilities arising from these 3 steps?
Criteria for a good decision
  • Instinct/intuition, emergency threshold, degree of confidence, feasibility margin
  • The 12 benchmarks in order to assess them 
  • The Change Success Index (CSI) for the final decision; the profit: turbulence ratio 



Day 2

From individual positions to consensus
  • Confrontation of individual criteria
  • The decision balance according to the relative weight of the decision-makers
  • Anticipating and preparing for potential deviation
Notification and communication
  • Building the right to get the commitment of all parties
  • The 8 fundamental landmarks
  • The 14 criteria of form
Change and transition
  • The mourning curve: from denial to commitment
  • The appropriate managerial behaviour
  • The Steps of Discovery: from naïve enthusiasm to personal accomplishment
  • The synchronisation of the manager’s behaviour with that of his or her collaborator



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