Personal Branding

Lasting excellence out of intrinsic motivation


This two-day programme is suitable for anyone, at any level, wanting an inspired career. The programme captivates, encourages and challenges you. You discover what you are naturally good at, what intrinsically motivates you and where you can add the most value to an organisation.


  • Recall and clarify personal talents, values, passion and qualities
  • Observe distinctly how your unique proposition adds optimum value to the organisation
  • Determine your own ‘sweet spot’ and find more motivation/vigour to reach it
  • Create more satisfaction, recognition and results at work
  • Choose your own organisational role which creates optimum value for you and the organisation
  • Increase your adaptability during organisational change
  • Increase your ability to self - manage

This training is currently only offered as part of our customised solutions.

Learning journey

Personal branding

Face-to-face interaction

Class room training

Class room training

Essential time to practice and learn through role and real plays

Learning goals

Learning goals discussion with N+1

Management involvement in the learning journey is an essential factor for effective learning success

Autonomous learning

On the job practice

On-the-job practice

Our learning journeys stimulate maximum on-the-job practice with frequent opportunities to report back and share successes.


Learning experience system Koach

Our multi-device user-centric platform provides an immersive learning experience that improves learning engagement

Memo card app

Memo Card App

Helpful memory triggers always at hand


Meaningful encounters

  • Getting to know each other. To reflect is to learn with all the senses
  • How connected am I to myself and to the organisation? A meaningful encounter with the help of the ‘sweet spot’ model
  • Re)discovering my own identity by going back to a crucial moment in my life when I demonstrated leadership
  •  Recognising and reflecting on patterns
  • What are my talents and qualities? How do I create value in my work and for my team? What combinations of qualities make excelling possible?
  •  Introductory dinner and overnight stay

Find your unique proposition

  • What opinions and beliefs drive my behaviour?
  • What values are important to me in order to be successful?
  • Expressing my passion. When am I in a ‘state of flow’?What gives me satisfaction
  • Translating passion into a personal mission (3 year goal)
  • Modelling excellence by filtering patterns
  • Initial ideas about how my personal brand fits/canbe translated into roles; focus and actions to take for the coming year

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