Charlotte Quantin

Training Consultant

Lugar de residencia France
Idiomas hablados Francés, Inglés

Charlotte is an energetic, positive consultant whose dynamic blend of humour, compassion and honesty is balanced by her innate ability to connect with people at every level of an organization. Having been an actor for 10+ years, she has the ideal emotional intelligence and communication skills to unlock the true potential in people and organizations. Charlotte also worked in the industrial sector for many years and gained great insight into the dynamic environment of global business and the challenges of working internationally.


An “out of the box” thinker who believes nothing is impossible; Charlotte is passionate about people and seeks genuine connections. An expert at creating a climate of trust which allows individuals to interact effectively and express themselves, Charlotte has specialised in personal and organisational development programmes. Her most recent highlight was co-designing and executing a Krauthammer Management and Team Development training for a famous cosmetic brand.

Passionate about the following learning journey elements

Facilitación del negocio

Fomentar la comunicación mediante la estructura y los comportamientos

Taller de inteligencia colectiva

Nuevos métodos de colaboración con grupos grandes orientados a resultados compartidos de manera colectiva

Entrenamiento ejecutivo

Incrementar el crecimiento y el rendimiento personal

Encuesta de calidad del equipo

Tomar medidas para mejorar la sinergia del equipo

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