Hugo Liu

Independent Trainer

KU Certified Trainer

Lugar de residencia China
Idiomas hablados Chino, Inglés

About Hugo Liu

A senior management consultant, Hugo’s rich background of experience in multinational corporate management and management training spans over 20 years. Having worked with government officials, executives and employees across a wide spectrum of industries and sectors throughout China, Asia and North America, Hugo gained in-depth cross functional experience and an all-round business perspective. This enables him to work easily with people of different cultures at all levels of an organization.

 Hugo is driven by his ambition to support leaders move beyond the obvious and draw upon their inner resources to overcome today’s complex business challenges. He combines an effective results-oriented approach to decision-making and management with his ability to communicate to corporate clients in a language that they are able to relate to. Using his leadership insight, strategic mind and high performance delivery discipline, Hugo has successfully brought significant value to all the clients and organizations he has worked with. 

Passionate about the following learning journey elements

Entrenamiento presencial

Tiempo esencial para practicar y aprender a través de juegos de rol y juegos reales

Entrenamiento de la junta directiva y los altos potenciales

Demanda de orientación personal para sus altos potenciales más prometedores

Taller de inteligencia colectiva

Nuevos métodos de colaboración con grupos grandes orientados a resultados compartidos de manera colectiva

Entrenamiento ejecutivo

Incrementar el crecimiento y el rendimiento personal

Práctica en el trabajo

Nuestros procesos de entrenamiento estimulan la práctica en el puesto de trabajo, con oportunidades frecuentes para compartir información y casos de éxito.

Reunión virtual

Focussed virtual sessions for learning and reporting back

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