Juan Pinzon

Training Consultant

Lugar de residencia France
Idiomas hablados Francés, Inglés, Spanish

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About Juan Pinzon

Juan’s natural interest in developing people, results in an effective coaching approach that is both detail and solution oriented.
Convinced of the transforming powers of soft skills, Juan guides teams into a long lasting behavioural change by positive confrontation and personal alignment. His strong communication skills and passion for innovative business models enrich his consultancy scope and bring digital change into perspective.
Juan’s international profile is an asset with multicultural groups where performance and adaptability are required to navigate change management and organizational transformation. His sectors of interest go from healthcare and legal counselling to tourism and new technologies.
His empathetic, down-to-earth style helps him excel at negotiation and conflict handling. Juan is appreciated for his open, high level of engagement, that combined with his continuous search for personalized achievements make him a much sought-after trainer.

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