Luis Alberto Villarreal Irusta

Independent Trainer

KU Certified Trainer

Lugar de residencia Italy
Idiomas hablados Italian, Spanish, Inglés, Portugués

About Luis Alberto

Krauthammer Italy’s Senior Managing Consultant, Luis is an open-minded, engaging and highly committed individual with a passion for developing people.
Fluent in 4 languages, he feels at home in multicultural environments, rolling-out Glocal programs, managing cultural diversity as well as all hierarchical levels, from hands-on participants to top executives.
During his career, Luis has successfully designed and delivered trainings across the globe to a wide range of clients and industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and chemicals to medical devices, banking and B2B services.
Clients appreciate Luis’ warmth, cultural insight and ablility to provide an effective balance between challenge and support. With his inspiring presence, empathetic approach and wholehearted commitment, he fosters the momentum needed to maximise engagement and accelerate team and individual performance.
By creating an environment that deepens self-awareness and facilitates sustainable change, Luis successfully aligns execution with strategy to achieve personalised long-lasting impact and grow an organization from within.

Passionate about the following learning journey elements

Entrenamiento de la junta directiva y los altos potenciales

Demanda de orientación personal para sus altos potenciales más prometedores

Entrenamiento ejecutivo

Incrementar el crecimiento y el rendimiento personal

Facilitación del negocio

Fomentar la comunicación mediante la estructura y los comportamientos

Encuesta de calidad del equipo

Tomar medidas para mejorar la sinergia del equipo

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