Malgorzata Goncerzewicz

Training Consultant

Lugar de residencia Germany
Idiomas hablados Inglés, Polaco, German

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About Malgorzata Goncerzewicz

Malgorzata is passionate about working with and for people. Through her academic background in sociology, she acquired invaluable knowledge of individual and group behavioural processes, cognitive science and social psychology. She has the ability to connect easily with people at all levels and is quick to understand individual needs. Combining consultation and dialogue with her unique “feel for people”, Malgorzata creates an environment of self-discovery and empowerment for her clients. Prior to Krauthammer, Malgorzata acquired practical, first-hand knowledge working with multi-cultural groups and delivered training sessions in the areas of effective communication, cross–cultural management and employee engagement. Her broad intercultural experience shaped her to be an extremely open minded and approachable person with a high sensitivity to cultural differences and individual behaviours. Malgorzata strives to bring out the best in people and is dedicated to helping individuals realise their full potential through behavioural change.


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