Rob Westgeest

Independent Trainer


Lugar de residencia Netherlands
Idiomas hablados Inglés


About Rob Westgeest

Rob gained extensive experience in sales management and marketing at a telecommunications company. Mainly focusing on personal and team development, he has been successfully delivering international sales and personal leadership programmes for over a decade. Rob enjoys being involved when teams are just beginning to work together, or where the cooperation amongst the team members needs optimising. By combining his eye for detail and empathy for personal needs with his humour, Rob is able to stretch participants in the training room well beyond their comfort zones. Proclaiming himself to be more a facilitator of behavioural change than simply a straightforward trainer, Rob always aims to quickly build a rapport that helps him work closely together with his clients and not just for them. One of his Krauthammer highlights was being involved in an international personal development programme for the future leaders of a multinational industrial service provider.

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