Susan Xu

Independent Trainer


Lugar de residencia China
Idiomas hablados Inglés, Chino

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About Susan Xu

A highly experienced executive coach and trainer, Susan’s focus lies in leadership management and MBTI® applications. Before studying strategic management in the USA, she worked for many years in the IT industry and for government agencies where she acquired valuable skills and great insight into the world of the multinationals. Susan is a certified practitioner of MBTI®, Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation (FIRO-B®) and Co-active Coaching (Fundamental). During her 15+ years as a senior consultant with Krauthammer in China, she has delivered management, leadership and MBTI® programmes to more than 50 multinationals and state-owned enterprises.
An energetic, committed individual with a lively, in-depth and patient style, Susan provides insightful guidance and skilfully combines real work issues with practical theories to help clients find their own solutions and set personal goals. Susan is highly appreciated for her warm, supportive approach, challenging encouragement, and for being an exceptionally strategic and systemic thinker.

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