Tomasz Osuch

Training Consultant

Lugar de residencia Poland
Idiomas hablados Polaco, Inglés, Francés

About Tomasz Osuch

A results-driven but highly empathetic Senior Consultant, Tomasz has a great deal of hands-on experience in people management, marketing and sales. Global environments are a natural habitat for him. He worked for many years in large corporations across a wide spectrum of sectors, including a global food giant, an international communication and marketing agency and a multinational automotive supplier. An HR consultant, trainer and coach for 10+ years, Tomasz is a specialist at designing and facilitating workshops for leaders and managers at all levels within an organisation. Well-known for being an attentive, smart observer, Tomasz naturally leads people to make their own choices and find efficient solutions that are just right for them. With his enthusiasm, passion and persistence, he helps individuals become more engaged and energised about their personal development. Tomasz most enjoys any opportunity to be a part of shaping solutions that will truly make a long-lasting difference.

Passionate about the following learning journey elements

Facilitación del negocio

Fomentar la comunicación mediante la estructura y los comportamientos

Entrenamiento de la junta directiva y los altos potenciales

Demanda de orientación personal para sus altos potenciales más prometedores

Entrenamiento presencial

Tiempo esencial para practicar y aprender a través de juegos de rol y juegos reales

Taller de inteligencia colectiva

Nuevos métodos de colaboración con grupos grandes orientados a resultados compartidos de manera colectiva

Entrenamiento ejecutivo

Incrementar el crecimiento y el rendimiento personal

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