Blog March 19, 2020

Essentials of a virtual meeting

Read our tips to deal with this situation.

By René Keller & Philippe Van den Bosch

The current COVID-19 situation has forced us to hold more virtual meetings. Some of us love it, but some of us hate it. Let's have a look at one of the main causes of frustration in a virtual meeting.

How many of you are familiar with the following situation: You are with five other people in a call. One or two are very dominant and the others struggle to even get their point across. Those of you who haven’t come across this situation are probably the dominant ones. 😉 For the leader of such a call, we have the following tips:


Set the rules for the meeting right at the beginning or even in the invitation. Here are some ideas for proper housekeeping: 

  1. Punctuality (also for the leader) 

  2. Make yourself noticed visually if you have something to say (some systems have a button for this, in others, you can just raise your hand ✌)


It is really important that all participants are able to see each other. In face-to-face meetings, you have way more non-verbal clues, and today's video systems allow you to distinguish basic emotions.

You may face some resistance, especially for the use of video. But as soon as people experience its added value, you will overcome this resistance.

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