Sales Management 3.0

Optimize the performance of the sales team


You have arrived at a point in your career where you have determined that leading a sales team requires a special balance. A balance between managing your team to achieve the short-term results and investing in changes that are necessary to be appealing for the customer in the future and to achieve good results. You have concluded that a short-term focus can easily lead to fleeting and short-term sales results and your team runs the risk of lacking behind. You also know that the risk of a long-term focus is that you and your team build a pie in the sky and ultimately you never get the 'treasure chest'.
How could the combination of the best of both terms look like for you? In addition, just like us, you know that the biggest challenge for a sales manager is to develop a team that is happy to achieve the desired qualitative and quantitative results. How do you develop sales representatives in such a way that you stimulate their entrepreneurship and at the same time they contribute in a structured way to the ambitions of the team?


Managers of sales organizations and sales teams, Marketing managers and Business Development managers who are looking for best practices and new tools and concepts for efficient and effective future-proof Sales Management. This may involve experienced managers who conclude that they are ready for new Sales Management insights or for starting managers who want to immediately make a good start with their new role.


  • For you personally: clear and sharply defined ambitions for your sales team with an appealing approach for realizing these ambitions. Initiating and managing change in such a way that your most important team members, internal and external stakeholders are enthusiastically involved and contribute to the desired results.
  • For your organization: steadily growing business results, driven by an energetic sales organization that proactively anticipates challenges that can stagnate sales and turn them into successes.

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Fechas Feb 13, 2020
Mar 12, 2020
Apr 16, 2020
May 14, 2020
Jun 11, 2020
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* Inversión total sin IVA, incluye gastos logísticos (salón, comidas y material) * El programa podrá posponer su comienzo o cancelarse de no alcanzar el mínimo indispensable de inscripciones al mismo. En caso de ocurrir cualquiera de estas situaciones, se comunicará a los participantes con un mínimo de 2 meses de antelación a la fecha de comienzo prevista inicialmente. **El lugar (Madrid o Barcelona) se decidirá en función de las inscripciones y se comunicara a los participantes dos meses antes del comienzo del programa.

Learning journey

Interacción cara a cara

Entrenamiento presencial

Tiempo esencial para practicar y aprender a través de juegos de rol y juegos reales

Interacción virtual

Reflejo positivo

Compartir opiniones positivas

Aprendizaje autónomo

Herramientas de éxito DISC - TTI

Evaluación del comportamiento a través de un sencillo lenguaje de colores

Aplicación Memo Card

Herramienta útil y siempre disponible para activar la memoria

Práctica en el trabajo

Nuestros procesos de entrenamiento estimulan la práctica en el puesto de trabajo, con oportunidades frecuentes para compartir información y casos de éxito.


Day 1 - The Entrepreneur

  • Gaining style flexibility.
  • Understanding the key roles of a sales manager.
  • Capturing strategy, culture and structure to ensure motivation and action.
  • Making the right choices for growth.
  • Setting the objectives for growth.
  • Engaging people to contribute.
  • Communicate the changes ahead to get full support and contribution.
  • Getting a “YES” from those who can decide and support.

Day 2 - The Transformer

  • Reporting on results achieved.
  • Being prepared and able to manage the reactions to change.
  • Using the drivers and obstacles for change proactively.
  • Mastering the fundamentals of communication with impact.
  • Engaging people based on strength.
  • Balancing leadership styles to create clarity, involvement and engagement.

Day 3 - The Business manager

  • Reporting on results achieved.
  • Developing  the sales roadmap.
  • Helping people to perform by proactive control mechanism.
  • Understanding stress factors.
  • Mapping my team members to ensure the best personal attention.
  • Coaching my sales team members
  • Leading sales meetings with impact.

Day 4 - The Business partner

  • Reporting on results achieved.
  • Knowing your client and their business.
  • Identifying opportunities where we can add value.
  • Understanding the key players in the buying process .
  • Co-create a value proposition that demonstrates real value.
  • Finding allies in a negotiation situation.

Day 5 - The Ambassador

  • Reporting on results achieved.
  • Activating The Challenger Sales Person.
  • Be the inspiring field coach to develop the other one
  • Connecting, testing and selecting the next generation employees.
  • Building and actively using social networks.
  • Testing the key principles of the sales manager.

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